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Baird & Warner redefines real estate search

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

What is search? This is a simple question spiced with complexity. As a person interested in real estate, how would you define search? What’s most important to you? Absent you telling me, I have no idea. Nevertheless, there are some things I can discern:

–According to the NAR® 2010 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Exhibit 4-9 (p.62), 51% of buyers surveyed want real estate agents to help them find the right home to purchase

–Similarly, according to Exhibits 3-1 (p.45) and 3-3 (p.46), all buyers looked to both the Internet and real estate agents first in the home search process

–And according to a recent NabeWise research whitepaper, 82% of people say that the “neighborhood” was “as important” or “more important” than the property they were looking to buy or rent, and 92% said real estate websites should have neighborhood information

At a high level what do these stats mean? To me these stats say that real estate is more than just the home you live in, it’s the life you get out of it. Further, these stats tell me that real estate firms ought to facilitate a search process that gives consumers the requisite amount of control and personalization they demand without losing sight of the fact that search is a uniquely human-to-human endeavor. In other words, how can Baird & Warner more closely align a superior search experience with agent knowledge and expertise?

Baird & Warner has done this with the launch of our new website. Watch this video to get a sense as to what’s possible with Baird & Warner’s new search processes.

Baird & Warner redefines real estate property search

In developing this site, we have intelligently employed consumer usability research using the Tobii system to create one of the most content rich websites in the real estate industry, combined with an array of intuitive user-friendly functionalities, all designed to work together to create a uniquely personalized experience for each user.  With the launch of our new site, we give options to consumers to personalize their search process, from Local Search, Neighborhood Search, Lifestyle Search, Map Search, and Proximity Search. And we’ve carried these search processes over to each sales associates’ website powered by this new Baird & Warner system so consumers can personalize their experience with the Baird & Warner sales associate of their choice. What this means is that consumers who use Baird & Warner’s search processes are working and collaborating with our sales associates (i.e., we’ve aligned our search processes with the stats detailed above).

Over the forthcoming weeks I will detail key features of our new site and how each feature works to align consumers needs with our sales associates. Until then, happy searching.